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My first involvement with rabbits came in 1997 when by brother started raising feeder cattle.  He got a cow, so I wanted a bunny!  I later joined 4-H, raising and showing Dutch, Mini Rex, and Californians.  I kept my involvement fairly local throughout my childhood because I was always busy feeding cattle, working in the family business, showing horses, and being very active in my FFA chapter.

I sold out of the rabbits and cattle right before I went to The Ohio State University in 2002.  Spring of 2006 I started raising Californians and Mini Rex, and thankfully my neighbor took care of them during my final year at OSU!  After graduation, I started heavily breeding Californians and soon had a herd of over 300.  I spent most of my weekends showing all over the tri-state area with my 4-H kids, and I became much more involved with the OCRSC and OSRBA in addition to three local clubs.  I soon sold out of the Mini Rex, but later added Havanas because of their rich color and amazing fur structure. 

My active involvement with the OSRBA Youth sparked my next fancy of raising cavies.  We had a hard time coordinating animals to practice with during our summer sessions, so I bought a couple different breeds just to practice with.  Cavies are so cool that I started breeding and showing them at all the shows I could, and a year later I have over 50 cavies of several different breeds.  I keep a diversity of breeds for educational purposes, but my true passion is with Roan Abyssinians and Tan Americans.  I have slowly converted several rabbit cages to cavy cages, and the ratio of cavies to rabbits has steadily increased…

On a professional note, when I’m not spending my free time with the OSRBA Youth or travelling to shows, I am self-employed as the third generation entrepreneur of our family real estate company, currently focusing on residential property management.  I also help out on the family farm, raise Paint horses, and I’ve learned to fix about anything with a wrench, wire nuts, and a sledge hammer.


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