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Looking forward to Spring litters!

I am hoping to start breeding again around March 15!  I love spring litters, it seems there’s few if any issues with conception, delivery, and the does taking good care of them when it’s an early spring litter.  I have kept several really nice young does from last summer’s breeding to add to my brood doe herd.

MSRBA Annual Convention is coming up next weekend, I am running the OSRBA Promotional booth to promote our Mini Convention.  I hope to still be able to show a handful of Californians.  Josi and I ventured to Huntington, IN show on Feb 14, braving the unexpected blizzard conditions on the drive home.  My 6/8 Doe, Thorp’s 4RS, was BOB in the 1st show.  We did not stay for the 2nd show because of the weather.  I haven’t shown much the past 4 years, but I hope to get back on the tables regularly in 2015 as work constraints start to let up.  Hope to see you at the tables this year!!

Meet Snowmanosaurus!

This is the result of my brother and I with heavy equipment and a dream! Meet Snowmanosaurus!  If you’re stuck with cold weather, find a way to enjoy it 🙂


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