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About Us

I started raising rabbits in 1997 as a 4-H project.  I currently serve as Northwest Director for the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association, Treasurer of the Defiance Rabbit Breeders Association, and Act as Show Superintendent for the Williams County Rabbit Breeders Association.  I have been Williams County’s Key Rabbit 4-H Leader for 6 years, and we started a brand new Rabbit 4-H Club in Spring 2012, and we are still encouraging new membership!  I have had the privelage of traveling to Columbus the past six years to help set-up and teardown the OSRBA Spring Mini-Convention, and will act as the Cavy Show Superintendent in 2012.  I also traveled with the OSRBA equipment to the ARBA National Convention in Indy in 2011 and Fort Worth in 2014 and helped set-up and tear down the show, which had over 23,000 entries!  I actively promote and help educate the OSRBA Youth Teams that compete in Breed ID, Judging, and Royalty each spring at the state level and fall at the national level.  Rabbits, Rabbit Friends, and Rabbit Club Involvement are a very large part of my life, and I very much enjoy and promote the hobby.  I have not shown much at all the past 4 years due to becoming so heavily involved in serving on show committees and promoting the youth education at shows.  I hope to start showing regularly again in 2015!


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