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I no longer raise Havanas, I decided to strictly concentrate on Californians.  After raising Mini Rex for several years, I decided I still wanted to raise a 4-class breed, but wanted something big enough for a better cull market.  Havanas!  They have beautiful lustrous fur, and nice compact body type.  I added some black and broken black Havanas in November of 2008 from Lowell Trausch from NW Ohio.  I added a beautiful broken buck in 2010 from Heath & Tammy Rush, and I have raised many beautiful animals from the herd.  I keep the Havana lines pretty tight, they seem to really produce beautiful babies that way.  I don’t show the Havanas very often, my main focus is the Cals and I don’t enjoy showing at 2 different tables especially at large shows.


3rd Place Broken Jr Buck 2013 ARBA Convention

8th Place Broken Sr Doe 2013 ARBA Convention

BIS Allen Co Fair 2012 with 2Q1G, Broken Jr Doe

BIS Defiance RBA 2010 with 2GA, Black Jr Doe

BOSV Broken 2010 ARBA Convention with R44, Broken Sr Buck


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