Looking Forward to Fall shows

What a great summer for new litters!  I raised dozens of litters, with my herd numbers climbing well past 300 many times this year.  I will have some very nice Juniors and young Intermediates available this fall that have made it through many rounds of culls. Made it to one show all summer, the Allen […]

Looking forward to Spring litters!

I am hoping to start breeding again around March 15!  I love spring litters, it seems there’s few if any issues with conception, delivery, and the does taking good care of them when it’s an early spring litter.  I have kept several really nice young does from last summer’s breeding to add to my brood […]


My first involvement with rabbits came in 1997 when by brother started raising feeder cattle.  He got a cow, so I wanted a bunny!  I later joined 4-H, raising and showing Dutch, Mini Rex, and Californians.  I kept my involvement fairly local throughout my childhood because I was always busy feeding cattle, working in the […]